ACO Player Profile: Kessler Ray

Georgia cornhole player Kessler Ray has some exciting news to share with his fans…

Nickname:  “K-Ray”

ACO Player Kessler Ray pitching at the 35th Annual Vidalia Onion Festival.

Hometown:  Byron, GA

Age:  36

Occupation:  Carpenter 

Throwing stance:  Standing Still

Pitching hand:  Right

Certified Official:  Chris Rikard

1.   How many years have you been playing Cornhole? 3 years

2.   When and where was your first cornhole tournament?  In the backyard at my friends house.

3.   What is the average number of hours per week you spend practicing/training?  3 hours

4.   Who are your practice partners, or who do you spend the most time throwing againstChris Rikard, Eddie Melvin & Mike Bailey

5.   Do you have any tournament habits or rituals?  I like to wear flip-flips when I play.

6.   What has been the most memorable tournament that you have played?  The Swainsboro GSA Money Tournament.

7.   Do you have any advice to offer new players?   Take your time and practice.

8.   What do you do for fun when you are not playing cornhole?  Softball, golf & fishing

9.   My fans might not know that…  I AM GOING TO BE A DADDY SOON!

10.   What is your favorite quote?  “Do work son! Do work.”

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